Message From The Bridge

Being one of the nation’s most innovative Streaming Delivery Network dedicated to the revival of local radio, it is imperative that we understand the needs of local radio stations, as well as the desires of today’s digital listener and merge those two worlds into a successful business model.

After celebrating our 10th year monetizing radio for broadcasters around the country, we have become a force to be reckoned with. With our growth and expansion throughout 2011, it became evidently clear that we were poised for great things in 2012 and beyond. With great things, comes the need for a great team. I am pleased to announce that Liquid Compass has bolstered its management team with experienced executives with both unsurpassed traditional radio experience and leading edge digital expertise.

First, I’d like to announce the appointment of our chief operating officer (COO), Stephen Guillot. With more than 15 years experience as a media technology executive, Stephen’s charter will be to drive operational leadership and the strategic vision of the company. We are also excited about his abilities to positively impact Liquid Compass’s reach to new business verticals and our overall financial performance. Stephen will not only be responsible for day-to-day business operations, but he also is expected to strengthen client relations, improve team performance and drive new revenue streams for the company.

Also joining Liquid Compass is Thomas Callahan, our senior vice president of sales. Thom brings extensive experience from CBS Radio, Metro Networks, Standard News Radio Networks and as general manager at several radio stations. Thom also spent 11 years as general manager of the Associated Press Radio Division. Thom’s extensive experience in radio will allow us to be front and center with every growth opportunity and service our customer base with a first class, white glove experience.

I am also excited about the addition of our new Director of Development, Jaxon Repp. Jaxon has been a senior media executive for 15 years and has a depth of experience both as a programmer and a creative designer. With our latest LC Pro 2.0 launch, Jaxon has already made a significant impact on our innovative products and services. As we grow our solution set for the audio entertainment industry, Jaxon will play a key role in the planning, development and launch of those new products and services.

About Liquid Compass
Liquid Compass is a premier streaming delivery network headquartered in Denver. In addition to a wide array of stream hosting services for desktop and mobile applications, Liquid Compass is also the leading developer of customizable media players and radio streaming applications. Currently, Liquid Compass provides streaming media services to more than 1,000 radio stations in markets throughout the U.S., including: Cromwell Radio, Bonneville, Hubbard Radio, Crawford Broadcasting, Sandusky Broadcasting, Saga Communications, Salem Communications and more. More information about Liquid Compass is available at