Portable Now Playing Widget

Our Portable Now Playing Widget will deliver your most recent songs to your station’s homepage, or anywhere else you choose to put it. It automatically updates as your content does, so users always know what’s happening- the moment it happens. Combined with an Ad Zone from AdsWizz, the Now Playing Widget elegantly delivers useful information to your listeners- and another avenue for monetization for you!

Later in Q1, we are planning to release brand new Mobile and Mobile Network Apps for iPhone and Android – easily allowing your listeners to access stations from across your network – filtered by DMA, or genre, if you so choose. Plus, we’re building a platform that allows you to add new features, skins and content with a single click – it just doesn’t get any easier! Look for more information on our newest mobile apps in our Spring issue of the Navigator.

To order your LC PRO 2.0 player, Now Playing Widget or Couponing, or to pre-order your new (powerful) network mobile iPhone / Android apps, please contact your Liquid Compass Account Manager at (303) 839-9400.

About Liquid Compass
Liquid Compass is a premier streaming delivery network headquartered in Denver. In addition to a wide array of stream hosting services for desktop and mobile applications, Liquid Compass is also the leading developer of customizable media players and radio streaming applications. Currently, Liquid Compass provides streaming media services to more than 1,000 radio stations in markets throughout the U.S., including: Cromwell Radio, Bonneville, Hubbard Radio, Crawford Broadcasting, Sandusky Broadcasting, Saga Communications, Salem Communications and more. More information about Liquid Compass is available at www.liquidcompass.net