Advertisers are always looking for new, cost-effective ways to reach their target audience, and your radio station’s stream is that vehicle. That’s why our Streaming Optimization Platform includes a powerful suite of tools and services specifically designed to help you monetize your streaming efforts the moment you bring your advertisers online.

Generate Revnue & Profit

Choose from an array of cost-effective streaming tools designed specifically to help you attract advertisers and listeners and build new, interactive revenue streams for your station.

Depending upon your market size, you can start generating an extra $500 to $10,000 per month in new revenue through a Liquid Compass media player. Don’t know how to sell it? Let us teach you!

Our Ad Replacement technology replaces “on-air” commercial inventory with “Internet-only” commercials, allowing you to generate new revenue. With minimal additional effort, you cover the costs of streaming by selling new Internet-only commercial inventory. The best part is, we can work with your existing ad provider or- for a seamless integrated solution, choose our premiere Ad Replacement partners, Adswizz.

Contact us and let our award-winning creative department customize a streaming or complete interactive solution to meet your specific needs. Stand out from your competitors and start generating new revenue today!