With Liquid Compass’s enhanced Client Control Center, you get instant access to all the reports and information you need with just the click of a button. Our RIAA Reporter makes royalty reporting a snap. Simply enter your call letters and data range into the system, and it does all the work for you:

  • Monthly per-performance reports auto-calculate your station’s fees.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Tech Support
  • Instant access to Concurrent Listener Count
  • Real-Time ATH Statistics
  • Stunning, report-ready Graphical Trend Data
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly report segmentation

In addition to our already existing reports, we’re always looking for ways to improve our system to better serve our clients. So you’ll continually see additional robust features, graphs and reports- often suggested by customers just like you.

It’s just another advantage of choosing a streaming service provider that built its business listening to clients, rather than buying them.